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I look upon myself as a music lover and enthusiast, loving all kinds of styles and genres. While trying out different music software programs and lots of self-learning, I became a music producing enthusiast and found my interest in drum & bass and jungle music. I also DJ when I get the chance to!

The love for drum & bass and jungle is simply because of its energy, speed, complexity and interchanging diversity of organic genres like funk, hip-hop, reggae or r'n'b, that match perfectly with its tempo.

Genre: drum & bass, jungle.

Tags: positive, jumpup, funky, liquid, uplifting, good vibes, ...

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RISPEKT Volume 1
Beastie Boys Mashup Video
CU 2011
DIENBI vol.3 2012
MOxCU 2012 Flyer
Bass Me Smarter
TS: dnb session 2013
TS: dnb session 2013
MOxCU 2012
CU 2011
TS: dnb session 2013
Illegal Spring Bass 2013
D'n'B with YooRonYaa
Mladinin Oder 2013
YooRonYaa Gigs


Date Title Venue
9.8.2014 Vročica sobotne noči: InSession, daMARiS, YooRonYaa, Maja Jerič Udarnik, Maribor
28.3.2014 D'n'B with YooRonYaa Kult Klub, Bled
23.11.2013 Drum'n'bass Session - Underground Edition Factory Rog, Ljubljana
22.6.2013 Mladinin oder 2013 - elektronski program Satchmo, Maribor
22.3.2013 Illegal Spring Bass Stari Mayr, Kranj
26.1.2013 TRUSTED SOUNDS presents: DRUM'n'BASS Session F Club, Ljubljana
21.12.2012 End of the world Party Stari Mayr, Kranj
20.10.2012 RISPEKT volume 1 KluBar, Kranj
21.7.2012 ILLEGAL Breakpiknik 12 OPEN AIR Mojo Cafee, Ročinj
22.6.2012 Mladinin Oder x Creative Underground 2012 Zavod Udarnik, Maribor
8.6.2012 DIENBI vol.3 Klub Monokel, Ljubljana
3.12.2011 Chillum Tribe Party Yagababa, Šentjanž pri Dravogradu
19.11.2011 Bashing d&b In Da House Supernova, Pekarna, Maribor
2.7.2011 Creative Underground 2011 Zavod Udarnik, Maribor
30.6.2011 Bass Camp 2.0 Koritnica, Tolmin
4.3.2011 Fresh Autumn Vibes Pri Zelenem Zajcu, Ljubljana
22.9.2010 Bass me smarter Zavod Udarnik, Maribor
27.5.2010 Illegal Podcast 005 LIVE Pri Zelenem Zajcu, Ljubljana
15.5.2010 Fashion Fruit @ Magdalena Festival Maribor Main Market